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Community Health Leaders

In order to stay up to date on latest treatments, drug discovery, clinical studies and how to cope with chronic kidney disease every day, brings you frequent articles, points of view and advice from leading health leaders and experts.

Current Health Leaders

Danyea Bailey

Danyea's health journey started at the age 14 entering her Sophomore year in high school. She was diagnosed with Lupus and CKD stage 1 after a month-long visit in the hospital. Danyea has experienced a number of oral medications to control her Lupus including 6 months of Cytoxan. Read more.

Cindy Barton

Cindy Barton lives in the rural area of central Georgia. She is one hour away from the bustling city of Atlanta where she loves to go for healthy food options. Cindy enjoys gardening, scrapbooking, and entertaining her small flock of chickens. Read more.

Jokiva Bellard

Hello, my name is Jokiva Bellard, I am 28 years old. I have chronic kidney disease and was diagnosed in 2013 when I had my first kidney failure due to lupus. Then I had another kidney failure after being hit head-on in a collision. I have gone through chemotherapy, alopecia, heavy medications, and visits with staying in the hospital for two months at a time Read more.

Gabrielle Davis

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Davis. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2009 as a 27-year-old newlywed, and just a year and a half I was diagnosed with severe lupus nephritis. By 2016, I had to start dialysis due to kidney failure and had to be on my dialysis machine for 11 hours for nearly four years. Read more.

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Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a two-time kidney transplant recipient (first from an altruistic living donor in 4/2015 and second deceased donor 11/ 2021). In 2011 while serving in the United States Marines as a Combat Camera Videographer, her kidneys declined while forward deployed to Afghanistan. Read more.

Sabad Khaire

Hi, I'm Sabad Khaire, 29 years old. I was first diagnosed in 2014 few months after my 17 birthday in a very different way, My twin sister was diagnosed first and I was told to get myself a check-up as we are identical twins it's very likely I had chronic kidney daily as well. Read more.

Lawrence 'rick' Phillips

Lawrence 'rick' Phillips lives with his wife Sheryl in Indiana, USA. Rick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1974, Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1999, Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2016, and Chronic Kidney Disease in 2022. Read more.

Kellsey Reed

Kellsey Reed is a kidney dietitian. She helps people with CKD learn to eat the foods they love so they can improve their kidney health and live their best life with CKD. As a registered dietitian who specializes in chronic kidney disease, she has been through extensive training to give you the best support and guidance possible Read more.

Sharron Rouse

Passionate. Unique. Loyal. Resilient. These words are commonly used to describe Sharron S. Rouse. Sharron is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education and nonprofit industries. She is skilled in program coordination, leadership, community outreach, and curriculum development. Read more.

Khiry Rowe- Hopkins

My name is Khiry Rowe- Hopkins I am 32 years old I was first diagnosed with lupus in 2009 when I was 18 years old, Both my kidneys were attacked and I have gone on to have two kidney transplants one in 2012 and another one in 2013 while having dialysis in between both of them for 10 months. Read more.

Claire Sachs

Claire Sachs, Founder of The Patient Advocate’s Chronicle and TPAC Consulting, spent most of her professional life avoiding anything healthcare because she had lived, breathed, and slept it 24 hours a day since 1983. Read more.

Andre Stewart

Andre Stewart is a patient with chronic kidney disease. He is passionate about getting the word out about living with this disease. He wants people to know that they are not alone and can live a long life with this illness. Read more.

Alvin Talbert

Alvin Talbert is a patient advocate. He is passionate about getting the word out about living with type2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease. He wants people to know that they are not alone and can live a long life with these illness. Read more.

Diane Talbert

Diane Talbert is a blogger, patient advocate and speaker for several diseases. She presently is a contributor/moderator with Health Union, Patient Rising/Bezzy PsA, and Creaky Joints. She has been featured in WebMD, Healthline, Sharecare, The Mighty, Medium, Arthritis Today, Everyday Health, Arthritis Foundation, Breakthrough Crew, Black Doctor. Org, New York Times, U.S. Pain Foundation Invisible Project, Health Central and National Psoriasis Foundation. Read more.

Holly Mchenery Wakelin

Nice to meet you I’m Holly. 23. Born with one left kidney that has kidney disease. My function has been slowly decreasing ever since I was born and when I say its been a journey… It’s been a journey. Read more.

Curtis Warfield

Curtis Warfield is from Indianapolis, IN. In 2012 Curtis was diagnosed with CKD. He started PD dialysis in 2014. His daughter tested to be a living donor but was not a match. Her college sorority sister wanted to be tested and was a perfect match. In January 2016, Curtis received her kidney and a new lease on life. Read more.

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