Curtis Warfield

CKD Curtis WarfieldCurtis Warfield is from Indianapolis, IN. In 2012, Curtis was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). He started peritoneal dialysis (PD) dialysis in 2014. His daughter tested to be a living donor but was not a match. Her college sorority sister wanted to be tested and was a perfect match. In January 2016, Curtis received her kidney and a new lease on life.

Curtis is passionate about advocating, educating the community, and bringing awareness of kidney disease and transplantation. He does public speaking events and speaks to government officials. Curtis is a peer mentor and counselor to kidney patients. Curtis addresses health disparities in the kidney community, and serves on advisory, technical expert panels, and medical review panels. He serves on learning collaboratives, kidney health initiative, and patient advocate platforms.

Curtis co-chairs National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) Patient Diversity Workgroup and is a member of ASN’s Kidney Health Initiative Patient & Family Partnership Council. Curtis is on the Board of Directors of NKF of Indiana and Home Dialyzors United. Curtis has degrees from Central Michigan University and Oakland City University. Curtis is married and has 4 children and a grandchild.

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