Danyea Bailey

CKD Danyea BaileyDanyea's health journey started at the age 14 entering her Sophomore year in high school. She was diagnosed with Lupus and CKD stage 1 after a month-long visit in the hospital. Danyea has experienced a number of oral medications to control her Lupus including 6 months of Cytoxan. Her life as a chronically ill teenager definitely shaped her into the person she is today.

Danyea was fortunate to have stable kidney health for 14 years until she was diagnosed with End stage Renal Disease at the age of 28 and in need to proceed with Dialysis in 2018. She experienced a year of Peritoneal Dialysis but needed to convert to emergency Hemodialysis after a failed kidney transplant surgery date. Rest assured 2 months later she received a kidney transplant in December of 2020 from an unknown living donor who wanted to save her life.

Danyea loves communicating and advocating within the chronic illness community. Through her social media, she has built a community that receives much reciprocated support. She hopes to continue to change lives with her story so others do not feel they are alone in their battles.

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