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How did you feel after getting diagnosed with CKD?

A new diagnosis can be so overwhelming and it can bring up many emotions. Fear, frustration, surprise, and maybe even relief to get some answers.

How did you feel after getting diagnosed with chronic kidney disease? Also, what would you tell others experiencing these emotions when newly diagnosed?

Please share your experiences with us!

  1. When I was first diagnosed I felt angry, frustrated and thought why is this happening to me but I also felt relief because I finally knew what was wrong with me and what the next steps would be to help me, I would tell others any way you feel will be natural and understandable because this is something big to take it and for a lot of people unexpected so there will be many different emotions attached

    1. Hello , Just following up to see how you are doing. I know that getting this diagnosis is not easy. How are things going? Did you have to get on any type of treatment.

      We would like to hear from you.

      Diane (Team Member)

    2. oh my gosh that’s a hard 6 years bless your heart. I’m so sorry. My dad also got sepsis and that did him in. He was esrd and his heart was at 30% and when he got sepsis he also got pneumonia. It wasn’t pretty. I’m so glad to hear you have fought the good fight and you are living independently and seem happy. It’s so wonderful that you have a son who took such care to find a place that would work to save you. Bless you. 🙏🏻

  2. Like getting hit with a baseball bat. Just got over Bladder Cancer . When I got diagnosed
    with CKD STAGE 4.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Bladder Cancer. Removed my bladdet,r.kidney and prostate. Year later, diagnosed with CKD. stage 3 then 4.

    2. Hello , just wanted to check in and see how you are getting along these days. Thanks for sharing some of your journey with us. We would like to hear from you.

      Diane (Team Member)

  3. I had an excellent cry, and Sheryl and I decided to challenge things head on. This was our 4th chronic disease (third since marriage 46 years ago), I guess it was like another day in the life. We did enjoy the good cry.

    1. Hello , Nothing beats a good cry. You are right, you have to take things head-on. Congrats on being married for so long. It's good to have someone by your side in these times. I am in year 26. Keep on moving forward. Diane (Team Member)

    2. We have a good history of having great cries. It is wonderful to have a person to cry with. It makes those tears a lot less scary.

  4. For the first few weeks, I was silent didn't show emotions, and didn't talk about it the stage was the realisation I was angry, sad (random uncontrollable crying) and blaming the world but when I could finally hear, the doctors answered every question I had and told me the risks of CKD and the future living with CKD.

    I would tell others to feel what you feeling, it's okay to not have control over your emotions (cry waterfalls if you need to), it is understandable to feel like at that moment you can't see what the other side looks like, take that break from work or education if you need it and don't be hard on yourself and you will be okay.

    1. Hello , I totally agree with what you are saying. Feel what you are feeling sums it up. My youngest son is on dialysis, works every day, and does at-home treatment 7 days a week. If I didn't know this; I wouldn't know he was going through anything. My husband is in stage 3 but shows no emotions. When my doctor told me my kidney numbers were dropping. I called every person I knew to share how I was feeling. You would have thought it was my last day on this earth. Thanks for sharing with us. Diane (Team Member)

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