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What adjustments to diet have you made since being diagnosed with CKD?

Hi! Diet is often a part of management plans for chronic kidney disease. It can also be confusing because adjustments to diet are personal and can differ depending on a person's comorbidities, CKD stage, treatment, and more.

But I'm curious to know what sorts of adjustments to diet you've made since being diagnosed with CKD.

  1. For me, I had to make a personal choice to cut back on my dairy products, I can only have a certain amount and that's because my medication has side effects causing stomach issues and I think the personal change has helped me get fewer stomach problems.

    Thanks Sabad (team member)

    1. I have made several changes to my diet since I am aware of CKD. I cut back on dairy products and salt. I use the DASH diet. I also had to cut back on potassium because I am usually hyperkalemic. Staying hydrated is also very vital for me.

      1. Hey , I think you're doing great with how you changed your diet for the better for yourself, I would love to hear about the DASH diet you started?

        Thanks for sharing,

        Sabad (Team Member)

    2. Hi Sabad,
      Yes, I am doing great. My eGFR is stable and creatinine has also improved. The DASH diet is mainly using less salt/sodium in your diet. DASH means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. I use more fresh herbs, vegetables, balsamic and apple Cider vinegar.
      I also use lemon juice in my meals just before I am finish cooking. This may surprise you how tasty the food is without sodium.

      1. wow, that’s amazing and I’m happy to hear you are stable and your health has improved, I’m not used to using apple cider vinegar and balsamic I normally use it in salads as dressing and I do love to use Lemon, and fresh herbs, and veg. But for sure I like the sound of the Dash diet it’s something that can benefit me for sure as I have to watch my sodium level.

        Thank you for sharing,

        Sabad (Team Member)

    3. Reducing salt

      1. I use a lot of different herbs mostly Ms. Dash.

      2. thank you for sharing. My blood pressure is very difficult to control with 5 medications and no salt or beef.

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