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Do you live with any other health conditions in addition to CKD?

Many people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) also live with other health conditions. What other health conditions do you (or your loved one) live with? Were they diagnosed before or after CKD? How has it been managing multiple conditions? Please share your experiences with others!

  1. Also Neuropathy in feet and legs below knees. Lost a Kidney to cancer, stage 3b CKD in existing Kidney.

    1. I have terrible neuropathy in both feet, legs, arms & hands. I sometimes have to sit much longer than I intended to because one leg becomes so numb, I am unable to get up, or walk. My leg also goes out sometimes when climbing up my stairs. This is very scary. I am so afraid of falling down tge stairs. I use a walker, but have still fallen numerous times. 1 time, I broke my shoulder, also tearing tendons & ligaments. Another time, I passed out, and when I fell, broke my femur head in my hip, abd still have problems. From what I understand, only 1% of hip fractures are of the femur head. I have no idea how I broke the inner socket ball on the inside of my hip, but not the outer hip bone!

    2. oh my goodness I’m so sorry you are falling so much. If you can you need to move whatever is upstairs to the downstairs. You don’t need to be climbing stairs. That is so scary. I hope you have someone there who can help you.

  2. I like that I am quadruple chronic carrier. I have T1 diabetes (49 years), RA (22 years), AS (7 years) and CKD 3a (2 years). You know what, I still enjoy great laughs.

    1. and you!! I have come to think of it as a poker hand. I have 4 aces. Lol. If it's not funny what else would it be?

    2. bless you. I feel so fortunate to just have CKD and osteoporosis as my
      Most serious troubles. 🙏🏻

  3. Yup I have diabetes. I don't which came first.

    1. I am sorry you also have diabetes. I have had T1D for 49 years on June 21 2023. I wish you the very best both with diabetes and CKD.

  4. I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus one year ago which causes nausea, dizziness, headaches, and instability. Now I've just learned I have stage 3a kidney disease with multiple cysts that have spread to my liver. I am now waiting for MRI's for both conditions. I've begun to hydrate more and change my diet to a more kidney friendly one. Both conditions have overlapping symptoms. Trying to keep a positive attitude while I am waiting for further doctor analysis.

    1. Hi , thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The waiting game can be challenging. I hope you'll get some more information and answers soon. Overlapping symptoms can sure make things more confusing too. Please know the community is here for you, should you ever want to vent or seek support. Keep us updated on how things go if you feel comfortable doing so. Thinking of you, Minel (Team Member)

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