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What stage of CKD are you currently in?

Hi! I'm curious to learn: What stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are you currently in? What stage of CKD were you in when initially diagnosed?

Please feel free to chime in and share your experiences with us.

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    1. l am stage 3B as of recently. I started this journey by having kidney stones 3 or 4 times. I am overweight and I have a fatty liver. I need to lose around 75 lbs. I'm also diabetic (B). Many strikes against me

    2. Hi , thank you for sharing your experiences. It does seem like you've got a quite a few strikes against you as risk factors for CKD. Has your doctor been helpful in working with you to create a plan for your CKD management? I think I said this in a different comment of yours, but a new diagnosis can be definitely overwhelming. I hope you can take some time to process everything. I'd like to pass along this article about coping with a new diagnosis, maybe you'll find something helpful: Thinking of you, Minel (Team Member)

  2. Stage 3

    1. Hello , This was my exact diagnosis too. You got "chronic kidney disease". It was told to me like it was an everyday conversation. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

    2. Hello , I'm just going to say - never give up. I know we are all different and respond differently to things. Just keep working with your doctors. My father is almost 90. He sees a kidney doctor every 3 months. His numbers are very low and they have been telling him for 5 years that he will be on dialysis soon. On his last visit, the nephrologist told him that whatever he is doing keep on doing it. He has a hard time passing urine, but he got prostate cancer at age 72. This doctor just adjusts his medications for that. He started complaining of back pain also. I am at the beginning stage of CKD, so I'm not going to say I know how you feel. But remember, you are not alone. Warmly, Diane (Team Member)

  3. Stage 3a

    1. Hello , I also just got diagnosed with stage 3a. Did you start feeling bad or had symptoms? I didn't have a clue. I got an infection and they notice my kidney numbers were down slightly. A year goes by and just wasn't feeling too good. Durning blood work they notice my numbers were down more. Let us know how you are doing and if are you making any lifestyle changes. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

    2. I'm stage 3 also

  4. A2

    1. Hello , Just checking to see how you are doing. Does your doctor encourage you to make any lifestyle changes at stage A2? Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

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