A couple is cooking a meal together after a new diagnosis.

My Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis

First off, it’s not the diagnosis that bothers me as much as being misdiagnosed and not getting treated sooner. Unfortunately, I have had several chronic illnesses for years. So, therefore, I see 3 doctors on a constant level. I just don’t understand how a disease gets to a chronic stage without at least one doctor catching it.

I believe that if I was diagnosed sooner, that I would have started a treatment plan earlier before getting to this stage. For 2 years I told my doctors there was something going on with my body and no one listened.  We start believing that everything is all in our heads and doubt how we are feeling.

I'm not a quitter

You know my friends, I had to get past all of this. I spent these past couple of weeks going to therapy. Not saying it’s for you, but it is working for me. To say I was angry at my diagnosis would be an understatement. I just turned 65, retired, and was getting ready to really enjoy life.

The one thing I know about me is that I’m not a quitter. I have several chronic illnesses that begin in 1963 and I am not ready to give up yet. My husband and I both just got diagnosed with chronic kidney disease within a few months of each other.  We loved to eat, but not necessarily the right stuff. I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago and was able to get off medications for a few months now. Of course, I do find myself cheating more often.

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Back to basics

So, both of us are going back to basics. We have been married for 26 years and we used to love to cook together when we first met.  Guess what, we recently discovered that we still like cooking. But, between high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease it does become challenging.

I had to get a nutritionist to get us started on the right track. There is so much stuff in foods that we can’t have. Sadly, we both loved salt. We must be careful with that and a few other ingredients that are not good for us with CKD.

I was just told recently after my diagnosis that if I had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and a family history of CKD, that I should have been monitored more closely. Guess what, I have all of these.

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Grateful for every minute I have

I am part of a support group, so I can understand what is ahead of me. My youngest son, the father who is almost 90, and a cousin who has been on dialysis for over 25 years. I do have the support that I need. You honestly don’t understand what a person is going through until you walk in their shoes.

Yes, I was feeling gloom and doom for a minute. But you know something, every day we wake up is a new day. There haven’t been many times in my life where I haven’t stopped smelling the roses and I’m working on getting that spark back. I will continue with my therapy because it is helping me.

You know when I first heard this news, I just wanted to stay in bed and cry. Right now, I’m grateful for every minute I have and just want to share my journey with others. Keep your head up and keep living. We are not alone on this journey.

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