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Anyone else have skin issues due to CKD?

I was just wondering has anyone ever had any allergic reactions or any skin issues due to CKD? It’s something that Happens to me quite often of recent so was wondering if anyone could relate

  1. In the last two years, I've been getting a lot of accruing moles, warts, and skin tacks, but as a young woman, I struggle with dark hyperpigmentation on my face and many dark marks that are very hard to get rid of. When I've had allergic reactions on my skin or a change of how light or dark my skin has been due to CKD and being on dialysis and then to transplant, I've had to find many different ways to deal with it personally on my own or with my doctor who would give me medications or creams to help with my skins issues. I'm waiting for a doctor about my most recent skin tacks and warts. My fingers are crossed that it is just skins, tacks, warts and nothing more (as I now lump under my skin and await an ultrasound scan.)

    Thanks, Sabad (Team Member)

    1. Yes, very much so! Between CKD and RA, I have very dry skin and bruise very easily. Just leaning on the edge of a countertop will leave a bruise mark. I do not have itchy skin tho. My toenails have turned a blueish color, fingernails are normal.

      1. Hello , just following up to see how you are doing. I have PsA and PsO. So, I do itch like crazy at times, but no bruising. Did you ever get the normal color back in your toenails? I hope you have a nice holiday. Let us know how you are doing. Diane (Team Member)

    2. Itching head and ankle areas. Also bruises

      1. Eczema, blisters at my Achilles tendon area getting me the diagnosis of Achilles tendinitis, medication causing blisters when exposed to sun

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