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What are your experiences with medications for CKD?

Any experience with Farxiga for CKD?

  1. Nephrologist is satisfied with results so far. 2 months in. Normal is Gfr down a little, Creatinine up a little, Glucose in urine up a little, told me in long run I'd live longer & kidney function would be more stable. But I'm 82 y/o with a single kidney stage 3b, so ?? What do ya' think?

    1. Keep up the good work!

    2. I’m wondering if at 82 I would chance a drug with so many side effects. I’m 70 and wondering If I should take Farxiga. I mean I’ve led a good life so do I really want to chance all the horrible side effects?

  2. I have not been given any medication yet.

    1. No medication.

      1. , Thanks for Sharing! I had been on Metformin for my kidney transplant but had to raise concerns with my doctors about feeling rougher with it. Please do let me know how is it working for you, as everyone has different experiences with medication. Thanks, Best Sabad (Team Member)

      2. how did Jardiance help your kidneys and did you have side effects?

    2. thx

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