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Tumor on bladder affected my kidneys..

Early on a Saturday morning, I found myself barely able to stand up. I had no idea what was happening to me. I went to use the bathroom and I was unable to void. In a panicky mode, I made my way to the hospital. I was in pain. Once I was in the ER and they ran a test on me, the results showed I had a tumor the size of an orange blocking me from emptying my bladder. I was immediately being in a position to put on a catheter.

Surgery to remove tumor

I was given a date for this tumor removal. In the meantime, I had to wear a leg catheter. During the process. I was told that because I had not been fully emptying my bladder, there was a backup that they were afraid may have gone to my kidneys. I found wearing the leg bag very uncomfortable and often painful. The day of the surgery, I was being wheeled in the operating room. The surgery was a success. I would still have to have the leg bag on for 4 more weeks. They were closely monitoring my kidneys.

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The relief of having the catheter removed...

It was a joy to be healed enough to remove the bag. I was somewhat back to normal. This would be the start of my kidney damage and making certain my creatine levels were okay.

Following the surgery, I was faced with many infections and being on antibiotics.

Monitoring bladder and kidney function

8 years later, I am still very mindful of my kidneys and their function. I have days when the tumor is gone, but I need to go to ER to be catheterized to empty my bladder. I never know whether 100 % of my bladder is being emptied and how much may be going into my kidneys.

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