Sodium, Hypertension, and Kidney Disease

So, let’s talk about hypertension, sodium, and our little kidney function today. We all have heard at some point in our lives to keep our food less salty because it is not good. Well to my surprise, that was not wrong at all.

It is not that only salt is higher in sodium. Also, a dehydrating agent makes us thirstier. And on top of that, it also hampers our body’s normal blood pressure as well. When my kidney numbers started dropping, I learned so much about how our bodies function and what I can do to keep my body in a healthy condition.

Learning about kidney disease

When we got our kidney disease diagnosis, it automatically put us at risk of developing some other conditions. Such as high blood pressure and diabetes too. Well, guess what – I have had both of them for years. So be careful what you consume because we need to take care of our bodies a little extra now.

Now it might sound like basic advice to you, but I spent some good time reading about my condition. I think of our kidneys as a coworker or somebody who works under your supervision. When we give them work to do that they can manage, they will give you back the assigned work in a great manner. But if you keep giving them too much work for them to handle, what happens is that they will not only lose their efficiency but also lose their quality of work.

How do our kidneys function?

The same is the case with our kidneys. When we keep giving them extra sodium in our food when they are already not in perfect shape, they will not only lose function, but also make our other organs at risk too. Getting stress on top of that will keep on making your kidneys trigger your high blood pressure. This results in not only having bad kidneys but also high blood pressure.

So, we can put it to rest just by taking little precaution, that lies in the balance. Try having a little less salt in that mushroom gravy you are making for yourself. Or try having raw vegetables and fruits to not only control your sodium but also your protein intake. The secret is in balance. We surely do not want another worry in our basket, right? So keep that blood pressure in a good range just by being more considerate towards what you are consuming.

What I have done while sticking to my medicines was trying to find that balance. My life is not in what I am eating, but also in how I spend my time and how I treat my body. Go out, and have a breath of fresh air. Stretch those arms, and eat healthy yet yummy meals with some less pinch of salt maybe? Happy life lies in the balance.

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