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Does anyone monitor their blood pressure with a machine at home?

I’ve recently been told to measure my blood test and depending on the results I will take my medication or not, of course it’s different for everyone but do you measure your blood pressure and what do you do with the results?

Thanks, Sabad

  1. Hi Sabad. I have been struggling to control my high blood pressure for many years. I use a good quality blood pressure monitor to take and record my blood pressure 3 times a day. I sit at my desk and try to relax and take the first of 3 measurements at 5 min intervals. I record all three measurements which go to my doctor and become part of my medical records. As mentioned I repeat this procedure three times a day, It seems a chore at first but it gradually just becomes part of your daily routine. Good luck.

    1. Hello , Thanks for sharing some of your journey with us. I also measure my blood pressure daily. My doctor just has me bring in my numbers on each visit. I also have an emergency pill I take if my pressure is ever over 180. I haven't had to take one yet.

      Is your blood pressure under control with medication? Diane (Team Member)

  2. It is better than it wa but it is still a work in progress. I have recently changed Nephrologists and this new doctor wants me to get my BP down to the 120/70 range which will require further medication unfortunately. Good luck with your journey.

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