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Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life with Chronic Kidney Disease

Last updated: August 2023

How ya’ll doing? Today, I want to talk about a topic that has been close to my heart since my CKD diagnosis. That is finding meaning and purpose in life with CKD. When I first received the news that I had CKD, I was devastated. I couldn't help but wonder what this would mean for my future. What could I do to find meaning and purpose in my life despite this diagnosis?

I lost my way to think and feel things like before and everything seemed different, totally different to me. It wasn't easy. Over time, I have come to realize that my CKD diagnosis is not the only thing that defines me. But, I am still the same person I was before, with the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The only difference is that now I have a chronic illness to manage alongside everything else.

Taking care of myself is key

One of the biggest challenges I have faced in finding meaning and purpose in my life with CKD is dealing with the physical and emotional toll that this condition can take. I often feel tired, anxious, and overwhelmed, which can make it difficult to focus on anything else. However, I have found that taking care of myself – both physically and mentally – is key to staying motivated and finding meaning in my life.

Another challenge I have faced is balancing my CKD management with my other responsibilities. These include work, family, and social activities. It can be a struggle to fit everything in. I have learned to prioritize the things that matter most to me and let go of the things that are not essential. This has helped me to feel more in control of my life. To find purpose in the things that truly matter.

I have also found that connecting with others who are going through similar experiences can be incredibly helpful. Especially in finding meaning and purpose in life with CKD. I have joined support groups, a few online forums, and social media. Been able to connect with others who understand what I am going through and who can offer me much-needed support and encouragement.

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It takes time and patience

There are times I have come to realize that finding meaning and purpose in life with CKD is a process that takes time and patience. It comes and goes like waves, sometimes everything makes sense, and the others are just days full of chaos.

It's important for me to be kind to myself. To recognize that I am doing the best I can, even on the days when it feels like I am struggling. With time, I have learned to focus on the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. Whether that's spending time with loved ones, pursuing a creative hobby, or simply enjoying the small moments in life.

Finding meaning and purpose in life with CKD can be a challenging and complex process, but it is possible. I take care of myself, prioritizing what matters most. This includes connecting with others, being patient, and being kind to myself. I have to find meaning and purpose in my life despite my chronic illness. I always remember that CKD is just one part of who I am. Just remember that we are so much more than our diagnosis.

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