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How Do I Connect With Other People in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community?

Many people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have told us that it can be challenging to find other people in their community who truly understand their experiences. Our goal at is to connect people with CKD and caregivers with one another and build an online community that helps bridge that gap.

How do I connect with others on

Our Community Hub is a great place to see what people are talking about in the CKD community. Here, we share trending topics and answers to our forum questions, and we have a spot where you can connect with other members. It is our one-stop shop for all things CKD!

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Most people also start by reading our articles about life with chronic kidney disease. Most of the articles in this community are written by someone living with CKD. Additionally, our Editorial Team brings the most current condition information and research updates to the community.

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Articles are just the tip of the iceberg! We have so many ways to connect with others living with chronic kidney disease. Forums are another way to dive deeper into a conversation around a specific topic. For example, this forum is a place to discuss your experience with symptoms related to your CKD, while this one focuses on what tests ultimately led others to their CKD diagnosis.

You can also use forums to ask questions you may have about CKD or its treatments. Reaching out in a forum is a great way to get answers to any of your “Is this normal?” questions and hear directly from those who also have CKD.

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