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Have you experienced any chronic kidney disease symptoms?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) symptoms can often be quite inconspicuous – that's sometimes why CKD is referred to as a "silent" disease.

I'm curious to hear everyone's experiences with CKD symptoms. Some symptoms include fatigue, itchy or dry skin, leg swelling, trouble sleeping, nausea, bone disease, and urine changes.

Which have you experienced? Have you found any ways to help manage or cope with them? Please share!
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  1. My symptoms were joint pains very severe ones! Now I would say dry skin and a dry mouth

    1. Itchy skin, back pain ,dry mouth

      1. I have experienced many symptoms of all that have been listed so far. I struggled the most with water retention, trouble sleeping and joint pain. I am in remission now and still suffer from joint pain quite a bit especially during weather changes.

        Has anyone else noticed pain levels or inflammation during weather changes?

      2. I always feel so much worse with weather changes, especially rain

    2. Extreme tiredness and swelling.

      1. Had no symptoms. But I had Bladder Cancer surgery 3 years
        before I was diagnosed.

        1. fatigue, very high blood pressure, diarrhea, itchiness, and more

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