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Chronic Kidney Disease and Dealing With Uncontrollable High Blood Pressure

Dealing with chronic kidney disease has taught me that controlling my blood pressure is a top priority for me. I am just learning how important the kidneys are. They are vital for controlling our blood pressure, but there's a catch. The kidneys I'm striving to protect can suffer damage from having high blood pressure for so long. On my path, I've discovered the importance of routine check-ups. I guess as we age, once a year is not enough.

Controlling my blood pressure

My nephrologist is starting to be a familiar face to me. My healthcare team monitors my blood pressure regularly. I was also told to get a home blood pressure monitor. This little device has become my trusted companion now. It's an easy way to track what's happening in my body while making me feel in control.

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Now, let's discuss medications. I don't particularly enjoy adding more medicines to my daily regimen. I was already taking enough, but as we know, there are instances when it's necessary. Finding the right medicine and dosage can take time and some trial and error. We are all different, but I change medications often. I am learning that open communication with my nephrologist is important in this situation. At this point, more important than any doctor I have. They are available to listen to my worries, explain any side effects, and investigate other possibilities that might suit me.

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Making some lifestyle changes

The game of controlling blood pressure involves lifestyle changes as well. I'll use my diet as an example. I'm trying to master reading food labels, particularly when it comes to the sodium amount. For me, reducing my salt intake has changed everything. There are other sources of sodium than the saltshakers that are deceptive and can be found in processed meals.

I now enjoy cooking at home with fresh, low-sodium products. I've also learned to limit my consumption of sodas and coffee. I engage in these things in moderation to stabilize my blood pressure levels. This can affect them. Exercise is another factor to consider. I'm not referring to being an overnight fitness enthusiast. Finding an activity that you enjoy is more important. I've started walking, and it has significantly improved my health.

It's about controlling my blood pressure and keeping my heart healthy. Another significant one is reducing stress. Blood pressure can rise slowly when under stress. Look into some relaxing methods, such as deep breathing and meditation. Finding what relaxes me is crucial. For some people, it might be gardening or getting lost in calming music, whereas for me, it's cuddling up with a good book.

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Setting blood pressure goals

During my routine checkups, I monitored the data and talked about my blood pressure goals. These goals are gradual and depend on my situation and overall health. After all, even a little progress is progress. Having CKD does not mean that life comes to an end. I continue to travel, mingle, and enjoy the little things in life. However, it can be difficult to control blood pressure while traveling, but it’s possible. It starts with preparation, prescriptions, a portable blood pressure monitor, medication, and emergency contacts.

Staying hydrated, mainly while traveling, helps in maintaining stable blood pressure levels. In short, controlling blood pressure with CKD is a lifelong process that combines medical advice with lifestyle changes. Remember that you are not alone.

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