Early Diagnosis Of Chronic Kidney Disease

The term early diagnosis, to me, means the chances of grabbing the disease at its starting point, likely making it easier to treat. Maybe in some cases, an early diagnosis will help to get the disease out of the body completely. But things are very different when we talk about chronic kidney disease. But do you know why? Because diagnosing CKD at earlier stages is like finding a rice grain on the floor in darkness. It is very silent until it gets to a point where only advanced-level treatments can solve the problem.

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Experiencing early stages of CKD

Today, I will give you the perspective of somebody who is going through the early stages of CKD. My diagnosis came out as a surprise when I went to get treatment for my minor urinary tract infection. So, I had to undergo some regular blood and urine tests. It turned out that I had UTI and early stage chronic kidney disease. That little infection came out as a saving grace for me. It saved me from years later getting a diagnosis with a much more harsh level of treatment and organ damage. It saved me and it can save so many of us. If we keep a regular tab on our regular health check-ups.

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My friends, being a CKD patient, I can only say that it is so important to get regular blood tests and check-ups. How big of a difference it can bring to our overall body health. God knows if I never have gone for that minor issue, I would have never known that something was wrong with my kidney function. And I would have ended up ruining it in the worse way possible.

What if I didn't catch it?

Getting regular checkups can make a difference for all of us. Get your regular checkups for anything unusual. It is not just about CKD, But it can save all of us from so many other things that might become inconvenient later on. At times I do think about if I never knew that I am developing CKD silently? And this thought sends chills down my spine. When CKD gets diagnosed later on, the only considerable treatment options are either dialysis or transplant. We probably have to make some serious lifestyle changes.

So, I want all of my cohort to stay healthy and keep their loved ones healthy too.  And for that, all it takes is to start getting regular check-ups. These routine blood and urine tests can save you from years of pain and suffering. We obviously don’t want this for us and our loved ones. Get your appointments as soon as possible and spend a healthy yet well-aware life.

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In addition to chronic kidney disease, do you also live with diabetes?

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