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What have you learned since being diagnosed with CKD?

*This giveaway has closed but we still welcome community members to share what they've learned since being diagnosed with CKD*

We all can learn something from those around us and ourselves. What is something you have learned on your chronic kidney disease journey? What have you learned about yourself, about the community, or CKD in general that you didn't know before?

  1. I learned through my journey that 'needing to take a break is okay' I always tried to hold myself accountable for not doing as much as I wanted because it was physically impossible, but I always told myself that everything I've gone through has impacted me mentally. I do get bad days when I'm not feeling my true self and want to stay in bed, and that is okay because taking a break mentally, physically and emotionally gives me the strength to keep on fighting.

    1. The biggest thing I learned was that I wasn't alone. I always thought that having this disease was an immediate death sentence. I was so wrong. People live long productive lives with CKD. I also learned that changing my bad lifestyle could change my outcome. Thank you Health Union for letting our voices be heard.

      1. I have learned the importance of portion control , water intake and exercise.

        1. Hello , These are good ones. Can you share something with the community that helped you get there? I'm not a water drinker and I force water down. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

      2. I learned that I have to take control. I have to get my diabetes and blood pressure under control. I have to exercise and keep
        My weight down. I need to watch what I eat and watch things I can and cannot eat. To stay hydrated. To question my treatment and demand answers if I don’t understand.

        1. Hello , I agree with you so much on these. Do you have any kind of schedule that you stick to? We would loved to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

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