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Has your health impacted your relationships with friends or family?

I thought I would start this discussion board to see if anyone has had any personal experiences with their health impacting relationships with freinds and family as this is something I have experienced and I wondered if anyone has gone through similar

  1. HI , Great Discussion Starter! As I am someone who was diagnosed young (at the age of 16/17), I have seen throughout the years losing friends more often they I would have liked but as they didn't understand why I couldn't go to certain events or didn't have the energy to do things but now at age 29, I am more outspoken about my needs and I have those who I'm grateful who understand and support me.

    1. Thank you , I have found that over the years friends and sometimes even family members will be there when your on top and everything is going well, but soon as your down and struggling there no where to be seen, like you said though as you get older you realise who is in your corner when your really in need.

  2. I'm One of the people that that have lost family and friends because of my health problems the hardest part is losing your family. I dealt with it for 6 years. With my kidney I only have one and it started to go down 6 years ago. I also have diabetes that doesn't help. Sometimes I feel like I need to talk to somebody that would understand I want to thank you for opening a place where people can talk.

    1. it’s really not nice, my closest family have always been there for me other family members have not been there in my time of need but would be there when times were good which hurts and the same things happened with friends when I really needed them they were no where to be found! I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, you are more than welcome that’s what we want to do help people so feel free to ask any questions we can relate to you (Khiry) Team Member

  3. I am new here so I have a few questions one. Is how far is your kidney disease alone. If you mind me asking. I have been having it for a while but in some areas it's slowly getting worse. I also have a lot of other health problems which I'm pretty sure most people with kidney disease do.

    1. I currently have a second kidney transplant, I tend to get often chronic fatigue among other things flare up and I have a nerve disease that flag up after I got my first transplant but may I ask what stage you are in and how you getting on with your ckd? Keep us updated on how your doing? Thanks Sabad (team member)

  4. Yes. I can not do as many chores around the house like I use to. I wash the dishes/take out the trash/walk the dog. Can't mow the yard . Just don't have the energy like I use to.

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