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What have your experiences been like with dialysis?

Have you (or your loved one) ever used dialysis as part of your chronic kidney disease management plan? What type of dialysis did/do you use? How did/does dialysis impact your daily life? Please share your experiences with us.

  1. I have been on peritoneal dialysis for about 6 months. I still have some good residual kidney function, so I only need to use the dialysis machine every other night. It is certainly not an easy solution, but it is a very manageable one.

    1. Hi , thanks for chiming in and sharing your experiences! It's certainly not easy, but glad to hear that you've found PD to be manageable. How long have you been living with CKD? Best, Minel (Team member)

  2. I am preparing to start dialysis. I'm just at the beginning of this journey and am deciding which type of dialysis I will use.

    1. Hi , preparing to start dialysis can be overwhelming. We actually just recently posted an article on the pros and cons of the different types of dialysis: You may find this helpful. I hope others may also chime in to share their dialysis experiences and what led to the decision for either type. Warmly, Minel (Team member)

  3. I started hemodialysis five years ago. It was very difficult for me both physically and emotionally. I then switched to peritoneal which was great ! I was on it for two years. I was able to work and go about my daily business. It stopped working and I got peritonitis. I have been back on hemodialysis since. It is a struggle every time I go. If it wasn’t for my 30 year old son I would stop dialysis. I have been on the transplant list for five years. Would very much like to do home hemodialysis but have no partner. I am very frustrated and feel no end to this. I go to sleep at night hoping I won’t wake up. I am getting psychological counseling but I am just so incredibly tired of everything this involves. I try to stay involved with other things but find it very hard.

    1. I am not yet using hemodialysis but I am on the spectrum. I know from my mom when she was having hemodialysis that it was always tough.

      I do have a suggestion keep posting and telling you story. I was in a tough place over T1 diabetes and RA. I found that writing and interacting with others made a big difference. You have a good place to share, vent, and interact.

    2. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I hope to find some ways to better cope here. Glad I have found this community.

  4. Hi, I'm Vicki. I've been on dialysis for 16 months. It's been a rough ride for me. Not to mention I got a below the knee amputation 10 months ago. I get sick from time to time. Sux

    1. I am not on dialysis but my mom was. I completely understand. I hope you will continue to come back to our community and share. I hope you will check in often.

    2. Hi Vickie, it sounds like you have had an exceptionally rough road. I guess I should count my blessings. It is just hard to see a light at this long dark tunnel.

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