My CKD story

My journey with chronic kidney disease (CKD) began in the spring of 1986 when I was diagnosed with Berger’s disease. At this time, the disease was at stage 2. There are 5 stages of CKD. For many years my kidneys remained at that level. It wasn’t until 2010 that my doctor noticed that my numbers had changed and referred me to a nephrologist at Mayo. I was transitioned to stage 3 and stayed there for several more years. In 2018, my number increased more, and I was transitioned to stage 3-4. I then began to see my nephrologist every 6 months, instead of yearly.

Beginning the search for a kidney transplant

In August of 2022, my nephrologist recommended that I begin the process of testing and look at getting put on a kidney transplant list. I completed 3 days of testing at Mayo in Rochester in October 2022. The transplant team notified me on October 19th that I was a good candidate for a transplant! I am searching for a living donor before I need to begin dialysis, which is called pre-emptive transplant. The outcome of a transplant is better, the healthier you are. I would like to find someone to be a living donor because I want to be here for my husband, children, and grandchildren. They are my world and I love them dearly!

Living kidney donor experiences

*A little story to share... I have a friend who was a living kidney donor for her younger sister back in 1974. Her sister had juvenile diabetes and needed a kidney. She lived another 25 years with her donated kidney. Unfortunately, she passed away from another organ failure. My friend is still alive and doing well with her remaining kidney! She told me the other day that she has continued to do ALL the things she did before she donated. That transplant was 48 years ago, which is really awesome!!

Where to learn more about being a living donor

If you are interested in being a potential living donor, please go to to learn more and ask questions. Thank you for your generous interest in being a potential living donor. Please "like" and "share" my story.

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