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Out of the Blue

March 2022 - Blood test showed an EFR of 88
February 2023 - Blood test showed an EFR of 14
July 2023 - Blood test showed an EFR of 18

I am a 76 year old male who has always lived an active lifestyle including daily brisk walks of 10 km or more. About a year ago due to consistent tiredness, I cut my walking and other exercise in half, but still was fairly active daily.

Monitoring my blood labs

6 months or so ago, I wound up in the emergency room with chest pain where my low EFR was recognized. I had a kidney biopsy, but my nephrologist has not shared the results with me.

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I have seen this kidney doctor only once in 6 months, but he is monitoring my blood labs monthly. I have had only one 4 minute visit with this doctor in 6 months. I asked him what I could do to help myself with this problem and the only advice he gave me was to "eat a healthy diet."

Getting involved

I am attempting to get involved in a group at a local hospital for stage 4 or worse CKD patients but need the doctors reference. I was told my the doctor that I did not need this program. My family doctor is very supportive, but seems reluctant to interfere in any way with the kidney doctor. Any and all advice from anyone with CKD would be appreciated.

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