Skin Issues I Have Faced While Living With Chronic Kidney Disease

In 2022, I had one of the worst allergic reactions I have ever experienced. It was like I had reptile skin. It was so hard and very, very uncomfortable.

It all started when I was in the hospital for another issue and I was given some antibiotics. I ended up being allergic to them, but at the time they were given, I had no idea that this would be the outcome of it. After I was discharged from the hospital, I went home and I started to see some marks on my skin, but at the time, it was minimal. As the days went on, it started to get a lot worse.

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Nothing seemed to help

I contacted the hospital again and they prescribed some different creams to help but this only made it worse. It didn’t help that at the time, I was going back and forth to the hospital because I was also dealing with an ileostomy, and it was very stressful having to deal with both things at the same time. My skin was so bad that I did not want to go anywhere or see anyone. Whenever I did go out, I would leave a trail of my skin everywhere, so I just stayed indoors.

During this time, I was staying at my grandmother's house because my wife was at work every day and I could not be home alone because my skin was so uncomfortable and painful. My gran had to look after me, which included making my meals and showering me, as I was too weak to do this on my own. This made me feel so depressed because I missed being at home and having my independence.

While all of this was going on, my now wife and I had to postpone our big wedding we had planned and instead just had a civil service in the registry office. I wasn't sure if my skin would have improved in time for the ceremony, so we decided to cancel. I just felt that everything was against me and I was not getting any good luck.

Finding relief from my skin issues

After awhile, I got in contact with someone my family knew to see if they could help. I just could not keep doing this, so I thought there was no harm in seeing if a more natural remedy would help at all. I was put on a range of natural supplements, instead of using the creams they had been prescribing me at the hospital.
Over time, these supplements started to work and my skin was getting back to normal and all of my bloodwork and different tests were coming back clear. I was very skeptical to start these natural remedies, but it made a massive difference for me. My rescheduled wedding ceremony was coming up as well, so I needed my skin to be perfect for the big day. I can definitely say it was the best thing I could have done and I have not looked back since. I still take these supplements today and everything continues to go in the right direction for me.

Have you experienced any skin issues from CKD?

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