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Connection Between Kidney Disease and Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Seafood

Having kidney disease at any age is traumatic. I haven’t been diagnosed with CKD, but I do have to see a nephrologist. My numbers have a mind of their own. Being a senior now and I have found ways of dealing with this.

Learning to speak up at the doctor's office

I’m among those people whose kidney condition is not too bad, but over a period, it could be. So, obviously, I have to be cautious about what to eat, drink, or even breathe.

My husband was just diagnosed with stage 3. While learning about my condition, one thing that really helps is to research my condition and secondly discuss everything in detail with your doctor. I would suggest not leaving out anything because of shyness or hesitation.

Our health is important, and doctors understand our conditions, so there is no need to be shy about sharing any problems. I'm an introvert myself and have learned the hard way how important it is to break your shyness and talk. I have dealt with chronic illness since 1963. That’s another story.

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Learning about fish oil

My doctor recommended that I take fish oil capsules daily. When I learned about the significance of fish oil, it was very interesting. Fish or seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are the healthy fats our body needs. On top of that, it gives our bodies the needed proteins and reduces the fat level which can be very important to maintain while being a chronic kidney disease patient.

When I read the research done on seafood, omega-3 fatty acids, and its amazing results for kidney function, my first reaction was to get everything made with fish oil. Really, I became desperate for a minute. I went to the grocery store and got myself a bulk of salmon, tuna, shrimp, and whatnot.

Fish liver oils versus fish oils

While experimenting with my diet, I just insured that I am taking fish oil rather than fish liver oil, but talk to your doctor about taking anything new.

Liver oils are Vitamin A rich, which is not a healthy ingredient for me. So, I got myself everything from the racks and the next question was what to do with all of this now? I tried to divide my whole day’s meals with different sorts of things that could give me that healthy Omega 3 fatty acid.

I like everything fried, especially fish. Tried barbecuing my fish and vegetables but it was not possible to do it every day. I had to come up with an easy yet quick alternative. So, I opened up my google again and then I was introduced to broiling fish, vegetables, and even fruits. It was easy, quick plus yummy. This takes time and patience and getting used to not frying.

Seeing my numbers starting to improve

I also started using broiled elements as it turned out that broiling does not damage any essential ingredient from our food and saves time as well. So, I started using my oven again. I would put my fruits, vegetables, shrimp, and even fish and would make myself the healthiest, yummiest meals out of it. It was hard getting my husband on board with this new method.

For me, it's not just that I was getting yummy meals, my kidney condition was getting better results too. My husband hasn’t been back to the doctor for his follow-up yet.

My doctor was impressed with the way my numbers were improving. Of course, this varies from person to person and thankfully it is working out for me in good ways.

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