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How I Manage CKD While Away From Home

Managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) while away from home can be a challenge, but with careful planning and a few key strategies, I've found that it's manageable. When I travel, I always pack my medications, backup for the medication and any necessary medical supplies. I always take a month of medicine because I want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Staying hydrated while traveling

Staying hydrated is crucial for me as a kidney transplant patient. I carry a reusable water bottle and drink water regularly while traveling. I have to drink a minimum of three liters per day.

It's also essential to be mindful of my diet, which is quite challenging when at someone else's home or abroad. I research restaurants in advance and look for options that align with my dietary restrictions or places willing to change the recipe to better accommodate my diet. Still, I know to avoid certain dishes or drinks told by my doctors as they can mess with my medication.

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When it comes to taking my medication, I have to eat with specific medication at 10:00am and 10:00pm, and I have to eat an hour before my 11:00am and 11:00pm medicines. All of this can be tricky to navigate when I'm away from home, so I make sure to have a snack with me.

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Finding time for rest is equally important. I can't stress that enough as I suffer from insomnia, so I prioritize getting enough sleep and taking breaks when needed. For example, when we are walking somewhere far away, I will try and take a seat if a bench, is in my path. There's no shame in being burned out or feeling drained to the point you need a break. I've always hated being seen as lazy or unfit, but I've gotten to a point where I need the 5-minute break, and strolling behind people is okay. It's just my new normal.

Monitoring my symptoms

Throughout my travels, I remain vigilant about monitoring my symptoms and seek medical help if anything feels off. When I travel, I make sure there is a pharmacy within the area or a hospital just in case of an emergency. By staying organized, mindful, and proactive, I've been able to navigate managing CKD while away from home successfully, of course, through trial and error. Of course, I always bring a mini-size hospital bag. I can't tell you the number of times I went to the hospital for an emergency and ended up having to stay overnight with no clothes.

It's also essential to maintain good hygiene and minimize exposure to potential sources of infection, such as crowded areas or individuals who are unwell. There have been many times I've stayed at family members' houses, nieces or nephews with a cold that I caught, turning into a worse infection needing antibiotics as my body can't fight infections or colds from being immunosuppressed.

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Being mindful of food safety

I've always been mindful of food safety and choosing well-cooked, low-risk meals to prevent food borne illnesses, avoiding places like buffets or open food servicing that's been there over hours.

Lastly, protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure is essential to safeguard your skin as the doctors have warned me that skin cancer is a risk with the sun and our medication and plan for accessing medical care if needed, including knowing the location of healthcare facilities at your travel destination. Always carry essential medical information, including details about your transplant, current medications, and contact information for your healthcare team.

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