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How does your healthcare team measure your kidney function?

I’m sorry this is not a story.
I’m really interested in where the patients/ people are from on the site here.
In reading some stories is see difference in what guidelines are use I’d determining kidney function.
I am from Madison,Wisconsin my team at UW hospital uses my creatinine (cre at in in)
Number to determine how well my kidney functions.

  1. Hi there! Interesting question! I hope others will chime in to share their locations and what measurements their healthcare team uses to measure their kidney function. In the community, I'd say I see most people talking about their GFR. I wonder if , , or may be willing to chime in and share, as they're a bit more scattered around and may have some different answers. Warmly, Minel (Team Member)

    1. Hello , I am from the state of Maryland. I am a newly diagnosed patient. It was my primary care physician that told me I had CKD. She did mention creatinine numbers. My youngest son is on dialysis and he talks about this often. I see the kidney doctor next month and I will get his feedback on this. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

      1. Hello, I am from Indiana and was diagnosed with CKD in 2019. I am seen by an internal medicine doctor and he orders lab work every 3-6 months.

        1. Hi, I am from London, United Kingdom. For me, they do blood tests every three months (depending on how good your blood levels are). I used to go every two weeks, four weeks and now, in my first three months stage for appointments. We do a full renal blood check and check GFR and creatine levels, but protein in my urine is essential. Thanks for Starting the Discussion. It's very important to know every location and hospital is different. Sabad (Team Member)

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