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Do you live with any other health conditions in addition to CKD?

Many people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) also live with other health conditions. What other health conditions do you (or your loved one) live with? Were they diagnosed before or after CKD? How has it been managing multiple conditions? Please share your experiences with others!

  1. Also Neuropathy in feet and legs below knees. Lost a Kidney to cancer, stage 3b CKD in existing Kidney.

    1. yes, diabetes2, hypothyroid, heart disease.

    2. neuropathy and purple coloring in lower legs, feet and toes plus the many serious health problems which I stated in previous answers

  2. I like that I am quadruple chronic carrier. I have T1 diabetes (49 years), RA (22 years), AS (7 years) and CKD 3a (2 years). You know what, I still enjoy great laughs.

    1. and you!! I have come to think of it as a poker hand. I have 4 aces. Lol. If it's not funny what else would it be?

    2. bless you. I feel so fortunate to just have CKD and osteoporosis as my
      Most serious troubles. 🙏🏻

  3. Yup I have diabetes. I don't which came first.

    1. I am sorry you also have diabetes. I have had T1D for 49 years on June 21 2023. I wish you the very best both with diabetes and CKD.

    2. Hello , Just wanted to see how you are getting along. How are you dealing with your diabetes and chronic kidney disease? Let us know how you are getting a long. Diane (Team Member)

  4. I also gave PN in my feet and lower legs. Fortunately not a lot of pain but my balance is off so I have to use a cane so I don't fall.

    1. Hi , thanks for chiming in with your experiences. Glad it isn't too painful for you. How long have you had PN for? Best, Minel (Team Member)

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