A Wife’s Guide For Taking Care Of A Husband With Chronic Kidney Disease

My husband’s health and well-being are my top priorities as a devoted wife of almost 27 years. We took vows that said in sickness and in health. I live by those words. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) a little over a year ago.

His diagnosis was difficult

Initially, I experienced a load of mixed emotions. It was hard for me to digest this tragic news, but life doesn’t end here. We just have to make some lifestyle changes. I also have CKD but was able to improve my numbers over the past year.

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I made myself understand that for me to show and be a strong support system for him, I also must be a super hopeful and strong person myself. Make sure to keep morale high and start educating yourself about the disease for both people. My duty as a wife is to provide a loving and safe environment for my husband and make sure that he is getting the best treatment for his illness.

I have spoken to a nutritionist, but I also made a list of his favorite foods. This was done so that she could make a custom diet plan for him with his favorite foods while ensuring that he is getting all the required nutrients. Of course, we want to avoid foods that are high in potassium and salt, but not miss out on flavors.

Providing a safe space for my husband

I give my husband enough space to talk about his symptoms and what is on his mind. As you know most men just want to keep things to themselves.  Please keep an open communication. There was a moment when I felt he had lost his self-esteem and confidence. He likes traveling and so do I. This is how I empowered him by celebrating and discussing our plans. I am married to a man’s, man, so I can’t baby him.  My better half knows I am proud of him when he makes small changes.

I provided a very safe and loving environment and talked him into joining an online support group with me while he was dealing with this. To me, education is the key so that anyone can try and manage their symptoms.

I am my husband's best advocate and try to tell him how serious this disease can be. He’s a very private person, but I did get him to tell his close friends so that he can address questions accordingly.

We can't overprotect

Ladies, we love our husbands, but we can’t over-protect them. It doesn't matter if you have been married for 1 year or 30 years. I had to let go and give mine a sense of independence and let him do things on his own. He’s not a baby, so I don’t have to remind him to take his medication every day.

I do keep him updated with any new advancements in treatment. He is managing his illness with confidence and running campaigns to educate others about this disease. We are both attending support group meetings where we feel empowered and share our thoughts. These days, he now knows how to manage his condition without being fearful or uncertain.

We are all in this together.

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In addition to chronic kidney disease, do you also live with diabetes?

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