My 2nd Kidney Transplant

While I was on dialysis in 2013, my grandfather called and asked if he could be tested to see he if he could be a potential match to donate his kidney to me. Thankfully, he decided to do it.

We approached the hospital to get the ball rolling and I was very excited that there could be a chance I would not have to do dialysis anymore. I know it was something that was saving my life but it had gotten very difficult to continue going, and I just wanted my old life back.

Testing for a good fit

Just like with my first transplant, he had to go through tests to ensure he was a good fit and healthy enough to donate his kidney. He had to undergo a number of tests including checks into his physical and mental wellbeing. They also had to do a full medical history check including weight, height, and body mass index.

We also had to bring in photographs from when I was young to prove that we were related and that I was not pressuring him into donating his organ to me. After all of this was completed and they were satisfied with everything, we scheduled the surgery on November 13, 2013.

Surgery and recovery

I had my last dialysis session the night before my surgery. The feeling after I finished knowing that it would be my last ever session (providing the transplant was a success) was a great feeling. Unlike with my first transplant, I was not as nervous because I had already been through the experience. I knew what to expect but still in the back of my mind I had small doubts.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success and after a couple of hours in the recovery room, I was brought back to the main ward where my mother was waiting for me. She has been worrying about me, so I could see the relief in her face when she saw me come out. Now, it was time to recuperate and just like the first time, I had to pass wind before I was able to eat or drink anything. Over the next day or two, I was up walking around. It was amazing how much faster I recovered the second time around. After about 4 or 5 days, I was allowed to go home as everything went well with me and I was recovering properly. I would continue to recover a lot faster in my own surroundings.


Once I was home, I had to go in for checkups twice a week to ensure the newly transplanted kidney was working properly. Even though I would spend 4 or 5 hours waiting to be seen by a healthcare professional, it was worth it. I had a newly functioning kidney which meant I could get back to work and start enjoying my life again the way I. used to.

At the time of this writing, the transplanted kidney is still going strong, which is great considering all the things I have been through!

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