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Rest, Refill, Recharge

There are 12 months, 365 days, and 8,760 hours in a year and somehow, there is still not enough time. Somehow we all find ourselves wishing and wondering what would we do with a couple more hours. I find myself trying to configure a schedule that allows me to live a balanced life on top of being chronically ill, and it used to feel impossible. Rest assure, there is time. Writing down goals, deadlines, appointments and events is a great start to figuring out a schedule that works for you.

Our time and energy is used in different ways

I have made the mistake in the past of comparing how other people live their lives, accomplishing so many things, yet here I am, just struggling to accomplish anything after a workday. If you are comparing yourself to anyone, you risk the chance of feeling like you’re failing when in reality, your time and energy is being used in different ways and that’s okay. Your life is nothing like the persons life to your left or right. You have different needs and a completely different life. It’s important to know, that even knowing how complex your life can be, you not only deserve balance, but to feel successful with the moves you make to take care of yourself.

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Rest, refill, and recharge are things that are necessary for all people, but with chronic illness, checking your R’s is incredibly important. I use to put a lot of things in front of myself and my health. It landed me in a flare and in the hospital every single time I hit my breaking point. How good would it feel to be able to fix the cracks before reaching the breaking point? How much less stress would I carry if I took the time to put myself first?

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Sleep is so important for our mental health

If you were in a room of people and you asked for the ones who get adequate sleep to raise their hand, you would get very few hands to count. As much as we make time for other things, sleep is just as important if not more. When you refill, you are pouring self-love and care into yourself. We all deserve the love we give, but hardly make time to replenish ourselves. When you recharge, you are taking intentional time to just be. Undivided attention to your boundaries so you’re able to be the best version of yourself without distractions. This can look different for most people. From a spa day to a walk in the morning. Maybe it’s reading a book or painting. We all have the power to choose what thing we do that makes us feel fluid in our individual authenticity.

What boundaries could you make that ensures you’re able to give back to yourself? What goals need to be written down placed somewhere you can always see them every day so you are inclined to keep working towards them? Take back your power and define what is necessary for you to feel sufficient in how you delegate your life and ultimately your happiness.

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