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Friend or Foe? Navigating Relationships with Chronic Kidney Disease (Part 2)

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The issue wasn’t who I was becoming, the issue was the other person not being able to see through their own insecurities where they fit in my life anymore. These were my hardest relationships to recover from. You expect the people closest to you to be happy for you but the reality is some people are only happy for you until they feel you’re surpassing them.

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Quality over quantity

I can confidently talk about my CKD journey without crying or feeling uneasy about my truth. That wasn’t always the case. I no longer feel afraid that if I tell someone about my journey that it’ll affect them if they choose to start a relationship with me. I’ve learned that quality over quantity is a blessing. I’ve embraced my struggles and my triumphs which has made me the person I am today. I’m such a stronger individual physically and mentally regardless of what CKD has put me through.

Last but not least, your story can change someone’s life. There is power in your story and when you choose to share it there is no limit to what you give or gain.

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