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Healing From My Second Kidney Failure

Last updated: April 2023

This time I had to figure out what caused this kidney failure. Was I not eating or dieting correctly? Because this kidney failure led me into having a blood clot on my lung and ended up putting me on blood thinners but also placed me back on iron supplements. My skin started to peel like a newborn baby taking the chemotherapy drugs. I realized I could not use to perfume products at all because it would flare up my skin. I could only use products like oatmeal aveeno, dove shea butter, vitamin e, and mostly infant and baby products. I could only use baby products because they were not strong in scent.

Things were starting to look up

The diet I had to place myself on was a low sodium diet, but I had begin to get into juicing and eating more salads. I had to drop sodas andfruit juices completely and only drink water. I began to do more cardio and yoga to help with the muscle pain. Every time I changed something I was doing, my bloodwork started to improve as well, which meant fewer medications I needed to take and less problems for me.

Being able to meditate and reduce stress became a life saver. I started to gain my hair back because I lost it due to the chemotherapy and it came back a different texture every time. I continued cellcept and then I then was able to get pregnant with my daughter in 2020 so that means for four years I was in remission and god blessed me to be able to get pregnant. After I had my daughter, I started the Benlysta injections where that was suppose to maintain my kidney and lupus functions. Then I was able to get pregnant with my 2nd daughter in 2022 and now I will be blessed to deliver her in 2023.

Keeping my dreams alive

I had ended up being switched to Imuran while pregnant. It's called Azathioprine and it is a immunosuppressive drug that can prevent organ rejection and also treats rheumatoid arthritis. This medication has helped me to maintain my kidney function and lupus while pregnant. I have been in a flare up for the last four months of my pregnancy due to my daughter having cleft lip and I stressed myself enough to where I entered another flare up but I did not want to enter another kidney failure due to stress.

Going through two kidney failures, I realized that sometimes it can come on suddenly and you could be doing all of the right things. Do not ever stop your dreams because I was able to go back to school and receive my associates degree in Health Science (Pre-Nursing) and I will be going back and finishing my nursing degree to ultimately become a nurse. I might try to find a position where I can do more clerical work so I won't end up biting off more than I can chew. After, I might go for my bachelors degree in Health Administration so I can work more on the paperwork side as well.

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