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How has CKD impacted traveling?

I'd love to learn more about how chronic kidney disease (CKD) has impacted traveling. What tips and tricks do you have when traveling with CKD? Please share your experiences with us.

  1. Such an important topic, travel with CKD, I have found it difficult I have travelled abroad both on dialysis and as a kidney transplant patient. When I was on dialysis, I had to arrange treatment abroad. I couldn't travel further than the EU (I'm from the UK), or I would have to create a short trip on the week somewhere close by to travel back in time for treatment that Monday morning.

    But as someone on the transplant list, I only made weekend getaways in case I got the call. And now, as a transplant patient, I have to visit the travel clinic depending on my location where I travel as I can't get live vacations so I can travel to certain countries that need live breaks; we cover my medicine as well as specific medication can be not allowed into the country or make sure I have enough for a back up in case of losing luggage.

    Top TIps;
    Take a letter explaining your condition, medication and doctor/nurse emergency contact, and carry that in your handbag with your passport.
    Have enough medicine in a tablet box on your person/handbag and your backup medication in the containers on check-in luggage.
    Take steps to protect yourself, like a mask (infection aboard/cold aren't great)
    If you need assistance, even if you can, always have it as an option; I was so unwell coming back that I had to ask for help for the first time, and it was such an easy load.

    But most important, medical insurance is vital to Keeping you safe! And only do what you are capable of and don't overdo it, it's okay to say no to certain activities (always ring comfortable shoes or aids to help you)

    Thank you,
    Sabad (Team Member)

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